Working with Americans

Learn basic business protocols expected by Americans

How to increase customer satisfaction with Americans by reducing friction

If you are a consultant, sales, or service professional who work with Americans, you probably want to build strong relationships with customers, clients and colleagues. When you come from a different culture than your client, your attitudes or behaviors could create unnecessary friction that...


Key US-India Culture Differences that can Impact Your Ability to Qualify for an American Client-Facing Role

If you are an Indian professional and you dream of working with Americans, you will need to learn how to behave more like Americans. Doing so will increase trust among potential employers that can earn you an interview, and hopefully a new position. Why is that? Learning how to adapt and...


How culture sensitivity can improve Indian job qualifications to work with Americans

If you’re an Indian and want to land a great job or promotion, you’ll need strong capabilities (or some way to demonstrate your potential to develop those capabilities such as completing a relevant education). Whether you are just starting your career, or considering your next career move, you...